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A Balancing Act: Minimalism and Financial Wellness

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Financial wellness is about balance. You want to enjoy life, but you don’t want to go too far with your expenses or spending. That’s why taking a more minimalist-ish approach to life is key to your financial wellness.

As soon as I became minimalist-ish I gained so much clarity on what I really wanted. Life isn’t about owning the biggest house or most expensive car—it’s about pursuing what sets your soul on fire and enjoying every minute.

This isn’t to say that I never celebrate or treat myself to something nice. I would say that I have adjusted to a more practical lifestyle while still indulging every once and a while. This ideal balance is pivotal to achieving the financial wellness and health that you deserve.

Here are some tips for how you can indulge while still living a more minimalist-ish lifestyle.

Look at Your Food

Don’t get me wrong, I freakin love food, but Americans spend way too much on eating out and groceries that they end up throwing away.

My husband and I manage to stay under $250 a month for a household of 2 people, including groceries, eating out, Farmer's Market, and a monthly Butcherbox meat delivery. We treat ourselves to a fancy dinner twice a year.

Make Smart Clothing Purchases

I believe in quality clothes, but I’m not willing to spend over $100 unless it's very rare and will last me a very long time. And honestly, you can find some of those more expensive clothes for much cheaper in some second-hand shops.

Do Your Research About Your Living Area

Many of us want to live in an area with the least living expenses, but that’s not the only factor to consider.

My husband and I chose to stay here in Silicon Valley because it's the place where we both can maximize our earnings. We've done the research. Even though we can live in another city where the cost of living is way more affordable and pay significantly less taxes, we still wouldn't come close to what we are and can potentially continue earning. Plus, we love the convenience of where we are located and love the “brainpower” people surrounding us!

Travel Intelligently

So many of us love to travel, but travel can be a huge, unnecessary expense. I suggest reading my How to (Responsibly) Save for Your Dream Vacation blog to help you learn how to save while still keeping up with your responsibilities and building your savings account.

Personally, we travel twice a year domestically or once a year internationally, all while maximizing our reward points. This balance is perfect for us to enjoy travel without going too crazy.

Bottom line: I like to have nice things and I tend to have expensive taste, but my main priorities of building a comfortable nest egg and paying off our mortgage is a constant reminder that I can't just say f*** it and ball out of control. Once those 2 goals are accomplished there will be more wiggle room to indulge in the finer things in life. But for now, I'm cool where I'm at and will never stop leveling up!

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