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A Financial Wellness Program for Bad A$$es – BALLHER Mentorship

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As a financial wellness coach, it is my personal mission to help women take control of their lives and empower them in their health and wealth. Everyone deserves financial freedom. That’s why I created the BALLHER (Bad A$$ Ladies Living Her Empowered Results) Mentorship Program—to help women like you become the ultra-powerful bad a$$es that you deserve to be, in ALL areas of your life.

Your Self-Worth Is Not Your Net Worth

What makes this program stand out is that your emotional, mental, and financial wellness are all equally important.

Yes, we will look at your finances and how to save for the future, but—even more importantly—we will look at your views on money, why you spend where you do, and how you can change any negative mindset associated with your finances.

This financial wellness program helps you to know that your self-worth does not equal your net worth and that you deserve financial independence.

Feel Empowered As a Part of Our Community

We want to see our fellow boss ladies take control of their lives, succeed in their career, have a sustained personal growth and a well-balanced family and career.

You will learn to manage cash flow, prepare for the future, and feel empowered in all decisions in your life all while a community of like-minded women learn alongside you and cheer you on along the way.

What You'll Get

When you sign up for the BALLHER Mentorship financial wellness program you will get:

  • 2 group calls a month hyper-focused on one topic
  • Facebook live Q&A for a full hour every Wednesday @ 12 PM PST exclusively held in the private BALLHER Mentorship Facebook group, addressing questions from the BALLHERs 
  • access to a private Facebook group, BALLHER mentorship, to comment and share your experiences and/or insight with your fellow BALLHERs
  • a 1-on-1 bonus session with me
  • and an e-booklet featuring helpful worksheets and templates that you will be able to keep and use this for the rest of your life

We are taking open enrollment for BALLHER Mentorship. There will be different mentorship groups over the course of the next few months with only 12 spots per program, so be sure to sign up quickly to secure your spot!

If you would like to sign up for the BALLHER Mentorship financial wellness program, contact Coremoney Coaching today.

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