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Financial Wellness As A Millennial Woman

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I know when I was younger I definitely had no financial plan. I used to think that if you got the money, why not spend it? I lacked control of my money and would spend it like no tomorrow.

I thought that I was living the life in the city, going to clubs and bars almost every Friday and Saturday night, Sunday brunches, and shopping at boutiques. Little did I know there was really nothing to show for myself. What an amateur was I!

It wasn’t until I really started researching and reading Forbes & Entrepreneur magazine, learning more about Oprah, Ariana Huffington and Bethenny Frankel, as well as listening to Tony Robins on my long drives that saving, creating assets, and being able to cut big checks to charities were the traits that I also desired. From there, I began my own journey towards financial wellness.

Millennial Women and Money

Let’s get real for a moment. Millennial women (ages 18-34) are struggling with finances now more than ever. They are struggling to save, to pay bills on time, and to repay student loan debts.

According to USA Today, while millennial men can struggle with bills and debt just as much, men are much more likely to have at least a little bit of savings (70% of men compared to 56% of women). Ladies, we deserve savings, peace of mind, and financial security just as much as men do!

Most millennial women don’t have a personal finance counselor they can talk to, much less relate to. Why is that? It’s time that we declare our financial independence and make our wellness a priority.

Why Financial Wellness Needs to Be a Priority

I think the main issue is many women do not view their financial wellness as important. Financial stress can cause all kinds of anxiety and sleepless nights. Not only that, but it can negatively impact your physical health.

As women, we often put others before ourselves, especially if we have kids. But if your health and overall well-being are important to you (they should be!), then your financial wellness is a pivotal part of that process. Financial wellness means taking control back and knowing that you deserve to be safe and secure in your future.

Know that Financial Wellness Takes Time to Build

The saying goes you can’t run a marathon without practice. Financial wellness will take time and patience to build, especially if you have a negative relationship with money.

A money counselor can help you create a more positive relationship with your money. Together you will look at why you spend money the way you do and how to create a custom plan for you to achieve your financial goals.

Book your initial free consultation with Coremoney Coaching today to take the control of your finances that you deserve. Learn about our BALLHER Mentorship program where boss ladies like yourself join and learn all about financial wellness, how to plan for the future, and reach the financial independence you deserve as a millennial woman.

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