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Staying Afloat While Finding a New Job

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Looking for a new career? Whether you have lost a job or are heading in a different direction, we will all go through this transitionary period at some point in our lives.

The best time to look for a job is when you currently have one, but if you don’t, don’t fret. There are several steps you can take to stay afloat financially and healthily while finding a new job.

Save Beforehand

As soon as you get a job—whether that’s after college or straight out of high school—build up your emergency fund. I recommend 6 months-worth of expenses so that you have a cushion of time while you are searching for a new job. Life happens sometimes, so that’s why you need to always prepare as much as possible.

Cut Back As Much As Possible

Cut back unnecessary habits like eating out more than 2 times a week, driving to work 5 days, instead carpool a few days out of the week or take public transportation or shuttle, or take a break from expensive shopping habits online, especially Amazon Prime. Your budget will need to be tight during this time, but remember that it isn’t forever.

Reassess Your Priorities

While you are looking for a new job is a good time to reassess your life’s priorities. Personally, on my road to financial independence I significantly decreased my food and shopping habits and moved out of a cosmopolitan city. In fact, I rarely go out, unless it’s to meet with clients or for a professional event.

There is a reason why wealthy people remain wealthy—it’s because they live modestly. Rich people tend to flaunt their status through material possessions and blow them up on social media. Being rich isn't the same as being wealthy. Real wealth last for generations because they aren't addicted to self-gratification.

Examine your environment. If you surround yourself with people who don’t share the same values, then you need to hang out less or get new friends. Don’t be guilted in to saying YES. Your time will come. While everyone is out partying every weekend spending all their dinero, you’ll be making wise decisions and—who knows –possibly have a higher probability of retiring not only early, but with more fund$.

Find a Mentor

Regardless of where you are at in your career I highly recommend getting a mentor. They don’t necessarily need to work in the same company as you or even be in the same industry. A professional can work with you to coach you to meet your utmost potential. They could also be extremely helpful in pointing you toward the direction of a career path. And make a conscious effort to listen to podcasts, read self-help or career-related books, and join a community online & offline. I consider my current gurus Gary Vaynerchuk & Tony Robbins and since I have been a Societe member of community my drive and compassion has skyrocketed.

Do As Much Work As You Can In The Meantime

While you are still on the search, do as much work as you can in the meantime. If this means staying at a job you don’t like while you are looking, then a job is better than no job when you have bills to pay. It is only temporary until you take the next steps in your new chapter. If you don’t have a job while you are looking, you could consider freelancing some of your skills. Again, even a little money coming in is better than no money. Whether it’s freelancing in publishing, playing gigs, tutoring, or selling on ecommerce platforms like @shopify, @amazon, or @ebay, establish recurring income that goes directly into your bank account. Cha-ching!

Be Patient

Know that finding a job is a job in and of itself. Even the best candidates with years of experience can take 2 months to a year to find a new job. It will take patience and perseverance, but you can do it! Don’t get discouraged.

Book your initial free consultation with Coremoney Coaching today to learn more about how to prepare for your future and stay afloat while finding a new job.

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