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The Ultimate Money Saving Bridesmaid Survival Guide

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If you’re a boss babe in your 20’s and 30’s, your weekends are probably packed with weddings, bridal showers, and bachelorette parties.

It’s super exciting to see your friends marry the love of their lives, but that honor can often cost some major cash. Luckily, being a bridesmaid doesn’t have to kill your bank account.

I’ve been a bridesmaid 3 times before I became a bride. It’s always so fun, and I have learned some tricks along the way to go all out and celebrate while still being careful with my money.

Save Shopping Costs

As for the dress, you usually don’t have a choice unless the bride lets you buy it on your own. You can, however, see if the dress shop will give you a deal if all bridesmaids buy their dresses together. You can also borrow shoes from a friend or relative instead of having to buy new ones.

Save some more dough by getting your dress altered by a small business tailor or seamstress instead of the dress shop to get alterations done at a more sensible price.

The average cost of a bridesmaids dress is around $150 around to the Mint app & It is recommended that if brides want a certain dress for their party, they should try to keep it under $200 to be considerate of everyone's budgets. But still, $150 is a lot of money to spend on a dress for a few hours on one day. According to Modwedding, alterations could cost $50 - $150 depending on how much work needs to be done and the material the tailor/seamstress needs to work with. Still cheaper than David's Bridal. Taking in a dress starts at $65, and shortening a hem is $80 - $200 depending on the dress.

Save Party Costs

Remember that it’s not mandatory for you to attend the bridal shower and bachelorette party, especially if you live out of state. Bachelorette parties don’t have to be out of state, but it all depends on what the bride wants. I did mine in San Francisco where I met most of my bridal party. Be honest with yourself if the trip is too much and save money there.

For hosting bridal showers, instead of getting a venue a more affordable option is hosting at someone’s house.

It is recommended to keep bachelorette/bridal shower costs under $300. Having it at someone's house is a great affordable option because guests can expect to spend $30 each to help pitch in for food and decor according to Google & Cost Helper. For a full blown out Bachelorette party, according to Retail Me Not, guests are spending an average of $137 on food and $116 on alcohol. This does not include entertainment!

Save Travel Costs

Being apart of the wedding festivities could mean spending an average of $530 on travel alone according to LendEDU and The Knot. During the wedding or other festivities leading up to the wedding you can share hotel rooms, car rentals, anything that can be split, and you’ll save a lot there.

Another tip is to book your travel as soon as you get the invite. I cannot stress this enough. Travel is almost always cheaper the more advanced you book ahead of time, so take advantage!

If you need more money saving tips as a bridesmaid or want to learn more about financial wellness, book your initial free consultation at Coremoney Coaching today.

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