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Wealth and the Law of Attraction: What You Need to Know

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You know you can be wealthy.

You’ve broken out of the confines of society dictating that wealth is difficult to receive. You’ve decided it’s time to take your life and experience on this planet into your own hands. Good, that’s the first step. Now what?

Affirmations, visualizing, acting as if, brain tricks, mind games…When you decide to start manifesting wealth, there’s a lot to think about. It can often feel like information overload, and before you’ve even attracted a dollar, you’ve given up because you feel overwhelmed.

To simplify it for all of us, I’ve created this guide to the Law of Attraction and attracting wealth. This post is a great place to start your journey to success and prosperity.

The basics:
  1. What you think of grows. Think of it as a seed you’re planting. If you give all your attention to debt, you’re growing financial hardship. But if you give all your attention to wealth, abundance, and prosperity, you’re growing figurative money trees! 
  2. Where you’re looking is where you’ll go, so create end goals. Write them down, create a vision board, put them somewhere you’ll see them often. What you see, is what you will ultimately get!
  3. Have an attitude of gratitude. The most successful people in the world have spoken about the importance of giving thanks. Being thankful for what you have will send you more to be thankful for.
  4. Spend happily! If you spend begrudgingly, you are not showing gratitude for your money. That attitude will ensure that more situations will come to take away your money. If you spend happily and generously, you are showing gratitude that you have money, and more will come.
  5. Believe it’s coming, and let it go. Thinking to yourself, “Why hasn’t it come yet?” is only pushing your success, opportunities, and wealth away from you. Everything comes to us in divine timing.

I always found it so strange how easily it rolls off people’s tongues to say “I’m poor/I’m broke.” I’ve always been uncomfortable with that notion, and refrain from that mindset and those statements at all costs. I realized a long time ago that as long as I think a certain way about money, I will never lack – I will always be able to pay a bill and to buy something I like and to travel. When I began to believe, it began to happen.


The opposite also happened – when I forget the things I preach and freak out about money, I always get a freakin’ parking ticket! It’s the universe’s way of laughing at me and saying, “Nuh-uh, get out of this funk right now!”


So I pay my fine, and let go of my fear-based thoughts.


Fear attracts debt. Let go of fear, the money will come.


How do you attract wealth and prosperity?

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